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Digital Stored Document Retrieval

Thinking of changing your DMS, but worried about losing your digital document archive? You are not alone! Sure, your new DMS may provide the same solution, but what about the historical data? Loss of those documents can be critical.

With ProQuotes, your documents need not be held hostage. Our easy-to-use solution ensures that your data can be available at any time with just the click of a mouse - all with no per-user fees and no recurring charges. After all, the data is yours!


Final pricing is assessed on an individual basis, and is dependent on the number of cabinets involved and how many years back we will be extracting. If you are contracting directly with ProQuotes, our base package includes 5 years of documents at $4000. Additional years may be added to the feed at a rate of $750 per year. All fees are per store.

Your new DMS provider may already work with us to offer this service as a part of your conversion. For more information, contact Phil Mooney.

Phil Mooney
Vice President, Marketing - ProQuotes
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Prior to extraction, you may be requested to fill out a DSDA Archive Request.

DMS-Independent Solutions

ProQuotes works with many DMS providers to integrate your document archive directly into your new system - however we also offer options to support archive access outside of your DMS.

If you have already contracted with ProQuotes for your document archive extraction, we will provide a physical copy of your archive in the form of an encrypted external drive for an additional flat rate of $350 (plus shipping charges from California). This rate also includes installation of our Archive Viewing application on as many PCs as you require - with no recurring charges, setup fees, or per-user costs.

For archives which are extracted on site, you also have the option of purchasing an external drive from a third party source, however due to compatibility and security concerns, we will only archive to a Western Digital - My Passport Ultra drive equipped with hardware encryption and 2TB capacity.

For more information, contact Phil Mooney.

Things to Know

  • How long will you retain my data after extraction?

    ProQuotes generally keeps a copy of extracted documents on file for 2-3 months after delivery, regardless of whether the documents are delivered directly to the dealership or to their new DMS provider. After delivery, it is our recommendation that the dealership immediately generate a backup. ProQuotes does not guarantee availability of documents after delivery.

  • How will you connect to my system?

    Most DSDA extractions are performed utilizing a VPN connection. This allows ProQuotes to run the extraction on our own optimized hardware, which is entirely dedicated to the this process.

    If VPN connection is absolutely unavailable, we may be able to run the extraction by utilizing existing dealership PCs, however this requires additional setup and negatively impacts the time it will take to extract the archive.

  • How long will it take you to extract my archive?

    This depends on many factors - in particular, how many connections we are able to make to your system, and how fast those connections are. Until we have connected to your system and done a bit of exploring, we may not be able to give you an exact answer. However, it is important to remember that document archives typically contain hundreds of thousands (often upwards of 1 million!) documents, each of which needs to be extracted. The larger the date range you are requesting, the more documents are included, and the longer the process will take.

    We will do our best to work with any time constraints you may have, but generally it is advisable to allow several weeks for the initial harvesting.

  • I found an alternate external harddrive that I believe is secure, can this be used to back up my archive?

    Many factors have gone in to our selection of the Western Digital - My Passport Ultra drive equipped with hardware encryption and 2TB capacity as our supported drive. While alternate drives are plentiful, we have found that they can cause significant slow-downs to our extraction process, do not offer appropriate security, and may not be reliable.

    You are of course welcome to back up your data to any source that suits your needs, however any ProQuotes backup will be to the My Passport Ultra.