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Data Exports From CDK Global Systems

Getting Started

Before any CDK Global data export can be set up, we will require the dealership to fill out and sign a ProQuotes Standard Request Authorization. In addition to providing authorization for ProQuotes to access and release the data in question, this form will provide us with crucial connection information.

ProQuotes will require direct connection to the DMS, which in most cases will consist of a VPN connection, with some exceptions:

  • Lightspeed EVO: In order to interact directly with the Lightspeed system, we will require an RDP connection.
  • Elite: Dealers with Elite systems who are unable to provide VPN connections may provide a modem connection instead.
  • DASH/Alliance: In order to interact with the web-based DASH system, we will require the 10-digit User Number and accompanying password. The user account we are provided with must have access to Report Writer and Data Extract.


Base prices are per-store, per-report. Pricing may vary depending on the amount of data required and the amount of time required to extract that data.


For many of our CDK Global feeds, the vendor will contact us directly to arrange setup and will handle payment. You may wish to contact your vendor to see if they already have an established relationship with ProQuotes. Alternately, you may address any questions to Phil Mooney.

Phil Mooney
Vice President, Marketing - ProQuotes
1-800-456-5178, opt. 3
Direct: 1-586-739-9210


Pricing is assessed individually based on vendor needs and project complexity. Tiered pricing may be available. Please contact Phil Mooney for additional information.

Things to Know

  • I don't think I have a VPN. What should I do?

    Most CDK Global systems are setup with a VPN connection automatically. If you do not have access to your VPN information, you will need to contact your VPN Administrator, or CDK Global Support.

  • I am not sure what my modem number is. How do I tell?

    If you know that you have a modem but are unsure what number to provide, send all of your line numbers to us and we will determine which one is the correct modem number.

  • The modem provided to ProQuotes is the same modem that our remote site uses. Is that a problem?

    Many dealerships use one modem for remote site dial-ins, Internet access, and ProQuotes data extractions. If you have an alternate modem ProQuotes can use, that is best. If not, ProQuotes can arrange to dial in only during specific times according to your needs and schedule.

  • Why would I ever have to "reset" my modem?

    There are many reasons your modem would need to be reset. Among the most common are:

    • Modem did not answer. When we attempt to dial in, the modem continues to ring but never connects.
    • Modem is not responding. Although the modem has answered and we are connected, the information we are typing is not being recognized.
    • Modem is displaying corrupted data. We are able to connect, however the screen displays only "garbage" characters.
  • How do I "reset" my modem?

    There are two ways we suggest resetting a modem.

    First, power off your modem. Wait about 1 minute, then power the modem back on.

    Alternately, you can call CDK Global and ask them to perform a "hard boot".