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Data Exports From DealerTrack Systems

Getting Started

Before any DealerTrack data export can be set up, we will require the dealership to fill out and sign a ProQuotes Standard Request Authorization. In addition to providing authorization for ProQuotes to access and release the data in question, this form will provide us with crucial connection information. ProQuotes will not require direct connection to your DMS, however we will need to determine your DealerTrack server number.


Base prices are per-store, per-report. Pricing may vary depending on the amount of data required and the amount of time required to extract that data.


For many of our DealerTrack feeds, the vendor will contact us directly to arrange setup and will handle payment. You may wish to contact your vendor to see if they already have an established relationship with ProQuotes. Alternately, you may address any questions to Phil Mooney.

Phil Mooney
Vice President, Marketing - ProQuotes
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Direct: 1-586-739-9210


Pricing is assessed individually based on vendor needs and project complexity. Tiered pricing may be available. Please contact Phil Mooney for additional information.