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Data Exports From Quorum Systems

ProQuotes has established thousands of data feeds for Quorum dealers across North America.

Getting Started

As the Dealer is the customer, ProQuotes requires dealer authorization before proceeding with any new setup request. For most efficient processing, the request should progress according to the following steps:

  1. The Dealer and the Vendor complete the ProQuotes Third Party Data Request.
    • We recommend that the Vendor assist the Dealer in the completion of the middle section, especially the specifics of the data request and the connection information.
    • Sample (click to view full-size):
  2. Either the Dealer or the Vendor return the signed form to ProQuotes at
    • The Dealer must sign the form in order to release the data. If the Vendor will be paying for the feed directly, the Vendor will also be required to sign the form.
    • Please note that ProQuotes does not accept electronic signatures.
  3. ProQuotes reviews and processes the request. If additional information is required, ProQuotes reaches out to the Vendor/Dealer as necessary.


Continuous Feeds

  • Setup: a one time fee of $125 will be assessed at time of setup.
  • Monthly Fee: a recurring maintenance fee of $25 will be assessed for each month after setup that the feed remains active.
  • Modification: a one time fee of $85 will be assessed for any reprogramming which occurs after the initial 60-day grace period. This includes any adjustment to the schema, and any change made to the conditions imposed on the data.

One-Time Reports

  • Historical: a one time fee of $185 will be assessed for each one-time report requested.

All prices are on a per-file, per-rooftop basis. Some feeds consist of multiple files.

By default, feeds will be billed to the dealership, unless an alternate party is indicated on and has signed the Third Party Data Request.

Things to Know

  • What data delivery options do you offer?

    All of our Quorum data exports are set up to post automatically each night via some form of FTP. When requested, we are able to post via SFTP/FTPS, and we are able to zip the files before sending.

    At this time we do not offer "real time" data access. All of our recurring exports are scheduled, and usually post once per day.

  • All of my stores are on one server/share the same lot. Does that count as one store?

    No - every rooftop (ex: GM-01) is considered to be a separate legal entity, and therefore will require its own feed. For our purposes, which computer holds that data or which physical location houses that inventory is irrelevant so long as the system identifies multiple stores.

  • What if I want a feed that wasn't listed on the initial Third Party Data Request?

    Generally speaking, if you require an additional feed, you will need to fill out an additional form.

    If you need a historical report for a feed which has already been authorized, we will require:

    1. Written dealership approval, in the form of an e-mail explicitly authorizing the release of historical data. This e-mail must come from a clearly recognizable dealership account (ex:, not a personal account (ex:
    2. Acknowledgment from the billing party that they will be charged a $185 per file fee. This may be combined with the above if the dealership will be billed for the historical.

  • I was told by a third party that there would be no charge for this feed. Why are you billing me?

    All ProQuotes feeds incur a charge. All fees will be billed to the dealer unless ProQuotes is notified otherwise at time of setup.

    Unless the Third Party Data Request indicates otherwise, all bills will be sent to the dealership. Please note that notification/prearrangement from the vendor is required for ProQuotes to bill the vendor - notification from the dealership that the vendor will pay does not constitute authorization for ProQuotes to bill the vendor.

  • I would like vehicle images added to a feed. Is that possible?

    At this time, as vehicle images are not stored within the Quorum system, ProQuotes does not provide images in Quorum data feeds.

    If the dealership has vehicle images stored online in a central location and identified with vehicle information (ex:, we could build URLs based on the expected pattern and include those within the feed. This would not account for vehicles with missing or inaccurately-labeled photos, however.

  • Can you tell me what this vendor will do with my data?/What is this feed for?

    ProQuotes is responsible solely for extracting your data and delivering it to the specified vendor. After that point, the vendor takes over all processing of the data.

    Think of us as virtual postal workers: we package your data and deliver it to its intended recipient, but we aren't privy to what they do with your package after delivery, and we don't keep a record of why you asked for the package to be sent.

  • I received notification from ProQuotes that my feed has been set up, but I am not seeing the results. Will I still be billed?

    A setup confirmation e-mail is sent only after programming has been completed, initial files have been delivered, and automated posting (if applicable) has been enabled, unless otherwise specified in the e-mail. At this point, the technician in charge of your case believes that setup has been fully completed, and you are eligible for billing.

    Unless we receive confirmation from the vendor that there is a problem with data delivery and they are not receiving files, our services are being provided as contracted, and you will be billed accordingly.

  • I canceled a feed, but have subsequently received an invoice. Am I responsible for paying this amount?

    If cancellation occurred after the 15th of the month, you are responsible for the invoiced amount as a final payment.

    Billing is generated automatically at the beginning of each month, although processing does not occur until mid-month. If you cancel a feed during the first half of the month, this means that an invoice may already have been generated. Generally, during cancellation our technicians are able to mark this invoice as invalid, however there are exceptions.

    If you believe that you have received an invoice in error (or have any questions regarding your bill), please notify our Accounting department, and they will investigate the matter. Our Accounting department may be reached at 1-800-456-5178, opt. 4 or

  • I would like to cancel a feed. How should I do that?

    ProQuotes requires written notification to cancel a feed. Any of the following are acceptable:

    • Email: An email to, explicitly requesting the cancellation of this feed (please include both the dealership name and the vendor name). This e-mail must come from a clearly recognizable dealership account (ex:, not a personal account (ex:
    • Fax: A written request for cancellation, printed on dealership letterhead and faxed to 619-444-8852. Please include the vendor name.
    • Certified Mail: A written request for cancellation, printed on dealership letterhead and sent via certified mail. Please include the vendor name.

    Please verify that you are not using this feed before requesting cancellation.

  • I canceled my account with this vendor already. Why am I receiving a bill from you?

    ProQuotes is a separate entity from your vendor, and your contract with us is separate from your contract with them. Although vendors sometimes notify us of cancellations, in most cases we are unaware that a cancellation has occurred until a problem occurs with data delivery, which can take months.

    The dealership, as the client, is responsible for cancelling any feeds, and should notify ProQuotes directly.