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System Conversions

ProQuotes has converted data from a broad landscape of dealer management sources. We know how systems work and how to ensure your data is not lost.

Getting Started: Dealers

In most cases, ProQuotes will contracted by your future DMS provider, and will provide the requested data directly to them. You will likely be asked to provide connection to a local machine, and examples of assorted system transactions which our technicians will reference for quality assurance. For those and other inquiries, contact Phil Mooney.

Phil Mooney
Vice President, Marketing - ProQuotes
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Direct: 1-586-739-9210

Getting Started: DMS Providers

Whether you have worked with us before or are first-time ProQuotes clients, your first point of contact will be Phil Mooney. Pricing is assessed individually, with the primary factors being the number of stores involved and the system being converted from.

Things to Know

  • All of the dealer's stores are on one system, and will be converting into one system. Does that count as one store?

    Not necessarily. If the system stores all the data together and does not require a separate extraction for each store, we may be able to treat all stores as one merged entity. In many cases, however, the system imposes separation on the data, meaning that each extraction must be run one time for each store. If the workload is multiplied, that will be reflected in our estimate.

  • If two stores are converting to the same DMS but have different DMS providers currently, will the same data be provided in each case?

    ProQuotes will deliver the data in the same format for each dealership, however not all DMS setups provide access to the same fields.

    Say that Example Chevrolet uses ABC for their DMS, while Example Ford uses 123 for their DMS. Both are converting to NewDMS. Take, for example, a basic service file. NewDMS requests the RO Number, the VIN of the car being worked on, the Customer Number, the Total Amount, and the Total Cost. However, ABC systems do not store any Cost values for their ROs. So, when NewDMS receives the basic service file for Example Chevrolet, there will be no Cost values. The basic service file for Example Ford, on the other hand, will have Cost values.

  • Why are you asking for such extensive access?

    Simply put, if you want everything out of your curent system and into your new system, we need access to everything. Depending on what type of system you have, this may mean that we need a user level with advanced privileges and/or lessened restrictions.

    Think of us like movers that you've hired to take your furniture from one house to the next. If you keep some of the rooms in your house locked, how can we get the furniture out?

  • What if I need access to my pre-conversion data at some point in the future?

    ProQuotes maintains a local copy of extracted data while a conversion is considered active, and for a short time thereafter in the event of questions arising or adjustments becoming necessary. After such time, while the data may not be immediately cleared out, ProQuotes does not guarantee that copies will be available for dealer access - dealers are responsible for maintaining their own backups.